Keyframe of Mind – Episode 03


Welcome back, Keyframe of Mind listeners!

In this episode, we get into part two of our discussion on education. Over time, we’ve individually explored a wide variety of self-education options, and we spend this episode getting into the nitty gritty of our experiences with each option. We also go over many accessible animation resources, the impact of our studies on our careers, as well as create enough oddly motivational quotes to fill an odd, motivational calendar.

Don’t forget to check back for episode 4! We’ll be diving into our personal experiences with burnout along with a special guest.



Show Notes


Animation Exchange Archive 2017 link

Animator’s Survival Kit by Richard Williams

The Illusion of Life: Disney Animation by Ollie Johnston

Digital Tutors

Preston Blair’s Advanced Animation via Animation Resources

Keith Lango Animation Tutorials

Jason Shum Animation Tutorials

Alejandro Garcia’s Physics for Animators

Kristjan Zadziuk Animation Tutorials

Kenny Roy Animation

Aaron Blaise Animation Courses

Bodies in Motion

Animator Island’s 51 Animation Exercises to Master

Kyle Bunk


Animation Mentor



Articles Cited

VentureBeat: “Where in the world are the game jobs?”

“Gamasutra’s Game Developers Salary Survey 2014”

Economic Policy Institute:  “Looking at the latest wage data by education level”

The Hamilton Project: “Undergraduate Student Loan Calculator”


A Degree Drawn in Red Ink

Wall Street Journal


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