Keyframe of Mind – Episode 05


Hello Keyframers! We are BACK with a two-part podcast adventure into our first job hunts!

In part one, we start by sharing some heart-warming stories of family reactions to our initial career decision to go into game development.  We move into a discussion of how we prepared (or panicked) for our first animation job applications as students. How did we prepare our reels and ourselves? What would we do differently if we could go back in time to start the first job hunt again? Plus, Katie drops a sweet, motivational metaphor about the importance of supporting your peers that you should totally hear. It’s real good, we promise.

Be sure to join us for part two! We’ll share some seriously embarrassing stories of our own failures as well as some job hunt advice that hopefully saves you the hassle of learning it the hard way (unlike us).  



Show Notes:

Animation Smearframe Slack (created by Charles Tinney):

Jonathan Cooper’s “10 Steps to the Perfect Game Animation Demo Reel”:

Jon Jone’s “Your Portfolio Repels Jobs”:

Jason Shum’s Animbreak and Classes:

Useful twitter thread from Xavier (@XCk3) gamedev job hiring process:

Kristjan Zadziuk’s Showreel Reviews:

Game Job Hunter:

ESA Are We IN Your State:


Better Business Bureau:


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