Lost Episode – The Winter Summer Special


I know, you have questions.

What have we here?!

I will tell you. This is a recording from this summer, before Ryan moved, but after I moved. And it is our first skype experience. Not a lot of in depth topics being covered, but it is a chance to peer into the deep recesses of our minds.

Why are you just now uploading this?

Ryan was on recording duty and used the laptop he was about to pack. And from there it sat in customs until just last week when Ryan finally got his stuff. So blame Finnish customs.

So is this a real episode?

Sort of. This is just Rick, Ryan and myself shooting the breeze and having fun with some first words. We cover super-powers, game characters, and zombies. So you know, the normal topics of conversation between game devs.

We figured since the last episode had some rough spots, and we can’t do much to fix that, we would give everyone something else to chew on, until our next episode. Which WILL be recorded this weekend. SCORE!

So enjoy the fun, and a peer back to simpler days.

Here’s a chainsaw rocket:

And here’s Rick and his wife after the apocalypse:


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