Mike’s IGDA Singularity Animation Talk


As I mentioned on the last episode of the show, I had an IGDA talk about Singularity’s animation, specifically how muti player helped to define single player enemies.

Well, the show is now online for the viewing pleasure of everyone outside of cheddar-land and features not only myself, but a designer from the game.  On top of that Manveer Heir (episode 19 guest) and Rob Martyn (COO Human Head) give some insightful talks.

6-29-2010 IGDA Wisconsin Meeting
Singularity Designer Commentary by Justin Negrete @ 10:35 mins
How MP Helped Define SP Enemies by Mike Jungbluth @ 41:55 mins
5 Lessons Learned from 5 Years by Manveer Heir @ 67:10 mins
Game Industry Update by Rob Martyn @ 82:20 mins


  1. it is indeed a proven fact (~ 1 million times) that fans love zombies. hahaha.
    well spoken mikey. I’m proud to know a super cool hottie like yo self! keep it sexy!
    I should be getting the game sometime next week.
    i also vomit when I’m sick.


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