Oceans between us…


I know what you are thinking.

“Why in the name of Shigeru Miyamoto/God are you guys taking such a long break over just one of ya moving a couple of states away. Seriously, is it THAT hard to use skype like the rest of the podcasting world to make some new frickin episodes? Is Wisconsin unable to connect to the internetz?!”

First off, eff you. We ain’t charging you for this stuff, so you will take what we give you when you get it, and you will like it! And second, the long break isn’t because of just one move. It is for two.

It is with a heavy heart that Rick and I bid Ryan adios as he travels across the Atlantic. He too was bit by the bug of a new studio, and has accepted a job in Finland. So to him, MAJOR congrats. Europe suits the man quite well.

So there you have it. The summer break will go on a bit longer, but once he is settled in we will be back to a weekly format that will be a bit different than the last but just as entertaining. In fact, maybe more so.

Thanks for your patience, and don’t be too surprised to see a few more goodies pop up over the rss feed before we come back for season 2 starts in September.

Kisses and Misses


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