Over-promise, under deliver!


Yeah, so how’d you guys like episode 26? Oh wait…

Just to give an update, we’re not dead. I’ve been busy as hell with the last stretch of “Alan Wake”, Rick is still on hiatus of indeterminate length and Mike’s schedule is overflowing with animation work on “Singularity” and completing his adult-themed My Little Pony fan fiction. Amidst this busyness, we need to find a new host for our episodes before the 100% completed episode 26 gets uploaded. Hopefully that will happen very soon.

We dropped the ball. But since this is something we do with our own time and money for no reward other then the occasional “thank you”, it’s going to sometimes take back seat (or in this case the third row jump seat, like some old station wagons had) to busting ass, making our games look awesome.

In other news, both Mike and I as well as a number of people who’ve been our guests will be attending GDC in San Francisco next month, all the way from Wisconsin and Finland. It’s going to be a busy week with lots of introductions and reunions but if you see us around, say hi! And feel free to buy us a beer.



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