Post Project Animation Team Size Survey


The response from the Animation Team Size Calculator has been fantastic! Which means we want to work towards upgrading it to be more robust. The two big pieces of feedback I have heard is:

– Entering directly into a shared sheet is cumbersome and a bit confusing if you aren’t comfortable using excel or sheets.
– There should be a way to track variables like crunch, communication, pre-production vs production.

Our first step towards addressing this feedback is with the Post Project Animation Team Survey for people to fill out when they have shipped a game.

At the core, the survey is set up so that it will spit out a sheet that can be easily copy/pasted into the team size document. But it expands the animation tech disciplines to track leadership and external development happening in that realm. It also has an additional section that asks questions around overtime, communication, turnover and iteration speed.

So please fill this out for any recent projects you have worked on. And bookmark it to fill out when you complete your next project!

The intent of this is to have standardized, per project data that can be accessed by the community and can then also be cross checked against the Annual AnimState of the Industry Survey in all of these regards.

Speaking of the Annual Survey, that will be coming back next month, with the addition of a number of questions people asked for. Like Salary and Compensation data! So get ready, because it feels like 2021 is the year we give full transparency to how animation is supported across the industry.


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