Season 2 Finale


Listen as season 2 comes to a close!

Much as was the case last summer, this summer has been a rather eventful one for us ReAnimators. Be it vacations, new work, games being released, what have you, getting together is never easy from June through September. So, to wrap us up, we recorded this little diddy. We actually recorded this the same day Ryan had his World Tour shindig, so forgive us if our knowledge/puns sound dated.

And come September, we should be back to our “normal” bi-weekly schedule. We even have our episode 25 extravaganza planned!

That’s right, if you work in games, film, comics or television tell us your break in story. You can either call our skype account (reanimatorspodcast) or send us an audio file at

Just tell us:
– How did you break into the industry?
– What work did you do before that happened?

And when we come back, we will edit them all together and have one heck of an inspiring show!

See you in a couple months!

Show Notes:
Wrist Exercises

ErgoRest Arm Supports

Sallie Saddle Chair

Dr.Horrible’s Sing-a-long Blog

King of Fighters Creation Process


  1. Yup, same guys who did Odin Sphere, which was awesome and Grin Grimoire (which I ordered from Amazon last week). Too bad it's on the Wii. Their style is hand drawn but the animation is a hybrid of hand drawn and flash style segmented characters. Still looks great though.

    One link you guys forgot was to the Salli saddle chair:

    Some of the guys here have these and it's actually pretty comfortable. The gap makes a big difference over normal saddle chairs.

  2. Too bad about that retarded looking run animation in Muramasa.
    It's like they said "We managed to make it bad in Odin Sphere, now let's take it up a notch".

  3. Hi Reanimators!

    Congratulation on completing another season of your podcast. Thanks again for the feedback on my reel in episode 23. Speaking of which, I have made some changes to it and showed it to some recruiters at SIGGRAPH 09 in New Orleans. I'm hoping I get some good responses (wish me luck).

    Also, on you season finale, I heard Ryan mention on a link to a "making of.." segment of SNK's King of Fighters 12. If you could send me the link, it would be appreciated.

    Best wishes for you all during the holiday season. I look forward to Season 3. Also, thanks for the link to Muramasa demon blade- that game is cool.


  4. Thanks, Ryan. The info on KOF 12 was very cool- inspiring from an animation stand point. I've been a fan of SNK since the first Samurai Showdown.


  5. No problem. One of the many project ideas I've had bouncing around in my head was to do a character for MUGEN (the universal fighting game that lets you plug in any sprite set as a fighter) just to do some good old sprite animation.

  6. Have heard of MUGEN. I did some research on it and it sound really interesting. I have some ideas for fighting game characters myself (both 2D and 3D). I wonder what the artist of the companies that developed the are for these games feel about seeing re-purposed in MUGEN.

  7. I'm not sure how I'd feel about it. I have no problem with decompiling someone else's work to see how they did it. But modifying or repurposing isn't quite as noble as learning. But as long as nobody is taking money or credit, I guess it wouldn't bother me much if someone did it to my work (actually, a quick youTube search found some Ultimate Spider-Man footage edited into a music video so there you go).

    Especially since fighters are very much make-or-break by the design and balance of the characters, MUGEN doesn't offer any real competition to commercial fighting games. It just seems like a fun novelty.

  8. I wish i had a break in story that was epic to tell the truth I have only every worked on one comic that was published and that was as a colorist for Dave Alveriz and his comic Yenny. Great lines and was fun to work on. I didn't get paid and they misspelled my name on the cover but what can ya do. I still knew it was my work and to finally get something that I colored from the comic book shop was just a thrill. Hope I can land some more stuff in the future. Not really a break in story more like a puncture the surface and left a mark story.

    Jordan Mizell
    saint pepsi


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