Weekly Roundup


Some cool or interesting stuff that happened in the world of games and animation:


New Trailers

The long awaited Red Dead Redemption 2 trailer came out this week!


Interesting Articles

The always awesome JC Delanoy posted a great article about common game animation mistakes. Tons of great info packed in here. CHECK IT OUT HERE!

Jonathan Cooper posted a fantastic interview with Kristjan Zadziuk HERE. Be sure to check out the rest of Jonathan’s site, it’s a great resource for all things game animation.

Speaking of Kristjan, he started an awesome project where he does in-depth demo reel critique, discussing content, giving animation feedback, and general tips about what companies and leads are looking for in an applicant. Looking forward to the next instalment!


Demo Reels

Some inspiring new reels we came across this week…

Mike Safianoff:


Fernando Falero:


William Teo:



Ending it on some sad news. United Front Games, well known for Sleeping Dogs, announced that they closed their doors this week. We wish everyone affected all the best and hope everyone lands on their feet quickly! You can read more about it HERE.


If you have anything we missed that happened recently, feel free to add it in the comments or post it in the forum!



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