Weekly roundup


So much cool stuff this week! Let’s get into it…



Annie Awards announced their list of nominees. Check them out HERE!



James Benson published a fantastic demo reel of his work on Firewatch. A great example of how to present your work in an appealing way


New Pioneers showed off their fantastic new rigging and animation pipeline:


Teaser for a new short, Sonder, was released. It’s made entirely in Unity!



GDC has made the animation Tips and Tricks talk from the Animation Bootcamp available on their YouTube channel!


Brad Clark from Rigging Dojo put up a great tutorial video on using layers to clean up foot and hand plants:


A great talk by Laurent Delayen from Epic about the animation pipeline for Paragon. Check it out HERE!



The Game Awards were this week and showed a ton of great stuff. If you missed it, check out the recording:


On a selfish note, the game I’ve been working on was finally announced during the awards as well. Here’s the trailer we made for it:

You can also check out our website and forums HERE!



Gwen Frey continues to put out some fantastic podcasts, make sure to check in often for new episodes HERE!


I know I didn’t catch everything this week, so if you have something I missed you think is worth sharing, leave a link in the comments!



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